Swim Safer-A Professional Choice To Become Skilled At Swimming

Swimming is a good sport that not only keeps your body in healthy shape but also strengthens your heart and lungs. As per the research, it has been found by taking swimming lessons from a professional agency; one can maintain a good physical and mental fitness in a positive manner. And if you are looking for the reliable institute for your kids to learn and master swimming skills, then you are at the right place.

SWIM SAFER is the leading organization in Singapore for water-related sports. Your kids will learn the diving skills under the supervision of experienced trainers and professional staffs.

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Our swimming lesson and programs are well-designed for the kid’s below 16 years old and include several stages. Each stage has its own approach to boost the confidence and let them master many swim movements.

Why Choose Us?

Our certified institute is based on the foundation of safe surrounding and professional classes. We have taken care of everything (from a safety perspective as well facilities perspective) in order to provide kids the ‘best-in-class’ training. Here are the key traits that portray us the dependable institute for your kid’s swimming learning.

• Our learning class is tailored as per the requirement of each child.
• Kids learn to swim under the close supervision of the coaches and the instructor.
• The program is established with compliance of National Water Safety Council.
• Our Six-Stage lesson is designed in a way to incorporate lifesaving skills.
• We provide coaches or all age people- Toddler, kids, teenager, and adult

Are you ready to get started with swimming? Swim Safer encompass the state of the art facility that lets your kids master diving skills. Our trainer, equipment, program, and lessons do not disappoint customer expectation. If you desire to know more about swim safer or swimming program, then do reach us out at admin@swimsafer.sg.


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